Eclipsing Sartoraaus: Book One

by Sartoraaus

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released January 1, 2017

Characters & performers listed in order of appearance:

Semjaza, the Blemmyes horde, Aken, Elam performed by Lord Matzigkeitus

Magnus, Rhoetus, Circe performed by Orpheus

Judge Radamanthus performed by Fomor

Enoch performed by Caesar Tiberius


All guitars and keyboards/synthesizers and tracking executed by Orpheus at Wood Rot Records

Drums performed and tracked by Setius at Resartus Studios

Color, cover art by Mohd Shahrom

Black and white artwork by Roberto Toderico

Logo by Christophe Szpajdel

Other artwork by Dave

Screenplay & music written by Orpheus, "Valley of Malkut" co-written by Setius




Sartoraaus San Antonio, Texas

A non-symphonic black metal opera, which chronicles the epic tales of the great hero Magnus within She'ol...the battle between the Titans and their conflicted sons: the Nephilim, rages on

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Track Name: Empire of the Empty Chalice
“Our reptilian skin, once green with life, hath been charr’d black by the frozen fires of hell; decapitat’d, our faces now dwell in our chests with yellow, razor-sharp fangs protruding from frothing, foul mouths! Our headless torsos are diseas’d with hunch’d backs that somehow invoke pity and fear simultaneously for those who can stomach looking upon us! Within the darkness, we scratch and claw, crawling over one another, snapping and snarling as describ’d within Dante’s 8th circle of hell– All we can see now, with our blacken eyes dilated with despair and distain, is the will of our master…”

“Bow, worship me; Nephilim…you have betray’d the humanity you claim to protect; you defy the will of father? – we will take Magnus and return for the Tree of Life. I am Semjâzâ. Drink her son’s blood no more! Expel thy soul from the Empire of the Empty Chalice! Refuse me the human and suffer the wrath of thine Blemmeys horde! These are thine generals, immortal to thy blades, you’d be wise to accept the freedom I offer you! Azazel, the invoker of doubt, Bael and his 7 witches, Moloch, King of the Minotaurs, Minos, Cottus Strikers of the Fury, Valefor, Otis, Ice King of Mount Etna, Valac, the bull, Amon, the wolf, Byleth, rider of the pale horse…”
Track Name: Valley of Malkut: Chapter 2
“Spellbound by the darkness of the approaching Blemmeys horde, I find myself frozen in the face of Semjâzâ…but, a Giant appears, defending with crimson restitution…only Otis hath the fearlessness to retreat from safety, to try and rally the failing assault…he meets the carnage head on with iron axe…but, the Giant screeches, summoning a Dragon to sweep in and scorch the earth…the ascending Dragon is met by a scaled creature; razor sharp talons offer no release…it seems to have been their plot all along…”
Track Name: The Tragic Death of Sarpaedon
“The Nephilim’s blood, arrogance slain; king of kings are we, invoking these wails of woe? As we govern, they must fall…Is it Asherah we hate? Or, her ideas we fear? Sheath thy roman sword in her heart of discord: the green dragoness, grips his throat with razor’d talons while her arrows fly to find their target…I wept not, thine frigid fortress relinquish’d a crippling coldness to take what breath is left from the chest of Magnus…Hold of the Death Throes…the Blemmeys horde falls frozen, in the wake of thine wrath; none shall be spared from thine icy warpath!”

“Waves of demons repell’d by the giants as crimson waves crash upon She’ol; spells of valor are vex’d forever by the cold weather of winter; he freezes our needs…Take all that’s left crippling coldness and wear thy frost as a crown with no regret; from thy frigid fortress, the grayness of death is the grip of Otis. The howling hound of hell wields his wick’d weapon of war and Sarpedon dies; sweltering flames consume his body as thine broken tears calm the pile of ashes; 1000 lashes break through the burden of a soul; heaven, how high you held that sin at hand as sweet darkness is thine only light; I am Elam, and I swear an oath to reclaim the vessel of Sarp’don!”
Track Name: Theseus Shall Suffer
“Our hero’s captur’d and Theseus shall suffer; the kingdom will crumble; deceptive destruction but, doesn’t birth but bring death…Our captur’d and Theseus shall suffer; the kingdom will crumble; since the inception, deceptive destruction.”
Track Name: Tower of Stone
“As his flaming finger lights up his pipe, through telepathy, he explains we must go down into the dark and silent world found beyond the Gates of Hades… and traverse the horrors of hell to face the debtor whose always paid…Judge Radamanthus…guarding the cantos are Cerebus and Apollyon’s most recent successor, Adam Kadmon; who allows passage…within 2 sleepless days we reach the crumbling borders of Dis; there, atop the hill of skulls, stands the mystic Tower of Radamanthus…”

“…we tell the Judge of his brother Sarpedon’s death and we rest in unrest; awaiting the iron throne’s wrathful rise…but, instead he honors the old ways…silence fills the stale air, in respect…he’s heard rumors of Theseus’s capture and he tells us that the Titan, warrior goddess, HeKate is Sariel’s most precious devil, and she was just here, in the tower of stone, for her sins against Asherian Law…he wagers that Sariel would likely only exchange his great prize Theseus for his daughter, HeKate…and like Dante’s Virgil, Enoch leads us through the black ageless night, towards the wretch’d, capital city…”
Track Name: Teachings of Enoch
“After a thousand years of Titan fury, Asherah finally spoke: ‘You, the fall’n Hayyot HeKodesh, are chasing dragons – the gift of free will can only be achiev’d by way of faith…without the armor of faith thy fragile angelic souls have been corrupt’d...the wrath of a great flood will wash the evil of Titans from Mount Olympus, forever to be imprison’d within She’ol by the Nephilim…let Titan rage burn there within a fiery pit of regret as they fail to grasp the meaning of thine divine creation: free will.”

“We will take you away from the whisking winds of this wayward world of war, through the void, into the depths of Hades, and beyond. By boat, thy mind will wander out and across the water; what a wonder it is that Aken and Rhoetus rally on any further. Once the Titan Ram King, I now escape through the vast eternity into a hidden reality. The twisting wormhole stretches the fabrics of time and rewinds the streaming sublime.”

“Thine mother was a human-daughter to the Hathhmalin tribe of the Eronian Islands within the human galaxy, Centarus A. This colony was establish’d by the Arch Angel Tzadkeil, his secret knowl’dge of Gnosis afford’d the ability of telepathy and even mind control. The Arch Angel Tzadkeil taught them to worship Asherah through silence and these traditions of sacrifice were pass’d on from one generation to the next.”
Track Name: Valley of Malkut: Chapter 1
From the ashes of the 10 Years War, Orpheus emerg’d…he led me and my people to a place of refuge and relief…a sacred place, hidden below…we will take you away…beneath the ruins of Machu Picchu we slept for ages…within a wilting world…I awoke from a thousand year dream of reclaiming that empire lost…down in wayward world of woe…and in only 10 days, thine drone army’s victory was certain…through the void…but, still an a sniper’s crosshairs found the back of his head and with a I fell dead…wanderer of the captured…
Track Name: Across the Libyan Wasteland (DEMO)